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Taxation in Europe

European countries are generally characterized by high taxation.

However, some European countries have adopted a favorable taxation for entrepreneurs:

List of European countries with a soft tax rate :

Bulgaria: 10%

Cyprus : 10%

Ireland : 12.5%

Luxembourg : 20% on average

Malta : 5%

UK : 5% / 32.75%

Switzerland : 13% / 23%

Taxation remains one of the only instruments in the hands of states ….

This rate is often lower in smaller countries. Indeed, for small tax rates attract investors.

For an entrepreneur, this is an ideal way to start and not only because a relatively low tax rate, but for a business oriented legislation and to get an Eureopan VAT number that facilitates trade within the European Union

To open a company in one of these countries, please send an email: or contact us from Belgium 025 88 10 63 or from France 01 82 88 48 77