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Boat registration application abroad:

If you are about to become an owner, we congratulate you. You are about to embark on an unparalleled adventure in ownership, management, and indescribable pleasure. Our connection to our boats, to our crew, and to the sea, is unlike any material connection we may ever experience.At the same time, we urge you to ask yourself and your agents the question which was at the heart of the genesis of Bethel Finance Marine:
Why do some owners and operators of private and charter yachts enjoy permanence of ownership, freedom from worry, and indeed substantial profit, while others are relegated, after a few short years of inconvenience, colossal expense, and panic, to the exasperated sale of their vessel?

Bethel focuses a broad legal and finance infrastructure and international knowledge base on this very question as it pertains to your personal desires and ambitions.If you could gather, in one room, a team of highly qualified, loyal, and discreet finance experts, international tax attorneys, maritime lawyers, and plain old “yacht people,” focused like a laser on averting risk, optimizing your investment, and ensuring your peace-of-mind, you’d have us : Bethel Finance Marine. Contact us immediately. We are available twenty-four hours a day.



yacht registration abroad

A collision at sea can ruin your whole day.

Some of our clients are seasoned offshore yachtsmen with an eye on circumnavigating in the sloop, schooner, or explorer-trawler of their dreams. Others seek to cruise the shorelines of the Mediterranean or the United States with friends and family. Not a few are fortunate enough to globe-trot in the megayacht category with extensive crews and complex delivery schedules. The boats, and their courses, are as diverse as our clientèle, but to us, no matter her size, type, age, range, or capabilities, your new vessel is not only your baby, it is a potentially catastrophic liability.

We have therefore adopted the famous understatement “a collision at sea can ruin your whole day” as a kind of informal corporate motto. Indeed, few things are worse than a collision at sea. Or a marina or harbour fire which originates on your boat. Or an “environmental disaster” initiated by your fuel leak. Sinking. Or, in this age of litigiousness and wholesale government privacy invasion, the seizure of your personal assets.

So we asked ourselves: What if all of our clients, in private vessels of any size, could enjoy maximum financial and privacy and personal risk aversion, no matter what happens out there? And what if this were possible not by paying outrageous insurance rates, but simply by flagging, registering, and incorporating in precisely the right way, from the beginning?

What if some of the worst imaginable things that could happen might do little more than ruin your day?

The Bethel Finance Marine approach, generally, is to incorporate your yacht, in order, among other benefits, to isolate you from personal financial risk should catastrophe befall your vessel.

The Bethel Finance Marine approach is to help you flag and register your yacht with unwavering attention to the potentialities of your cruising, entertaining, and corporate lifestyle, in order to ensure total financial privacy and protection of your assets.

Our approach with regard to confidential ownership is not limited to the advantages of vessel incorporation. We know that a yacht is comprised of more than steel, fiberglass, canvas and electronics: it is comprised of people, which is why we keep our finger on the worldwide pulse, ebb and flow of the most discreet and qualified Brokers, Attorneys, Surveyors, Captains, Engineers, Mates, Stewards, Cooks and general crew.

This is why, when they have found the boat of their dreams, the first call for many prospective owners is a call to Bethel Finance Marine.

Our Client Roster
Were you really expecting to see a list?
Our client roster is, of course, not available. To anyone. Ever.Of course we employ the most advanced cryptographic and authentication technology on the planet. More important, however, we do business the old fashioned way: quiet conversations, good information, extraordinarily competent accountants, attorneys, bankers, and associates, and trust.We never forget that a seller is as conscientious with regard to discretion as a buyer, that a bank is as interested in privacy as an account holder, and that you, our client, demand the same level of discretion and loyalty from us as you would from your closest friends.


Complex questions. Confident answers.
Many of our clients – in particular those who are principally interested in cruising Europe – have chosen Cyprus or Gibraltar as seats for yacht registration and incorporation. The advantages are manifold. Did you know, for instance, that Cyprus has concluded double-tax treaties with some 50 countries, enabling owners to side-step stamp duties on deeds and security documents? That no tax is payable on the salaries of the crews of Cypriot ships which operate in international waters? That in essence, under certain conditions, vessels and shipping companies registered in Cyprus can be virtually exempt from any type of tax?

The attorneys and agents of Bethel Finance Marine have scrupulously studied the complex, but surprisingly invariable conditions under which your yacht may be purchased, registered, flagged and operated at minimal cost, and indeed, under certain conditions, at profit.

There is an optimal solution for you, your finances, your objectives, your vessel, and your crew.

We exist to find it, to share it with you, and to employ it, for a pleasingly low price.