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Fiduciary cabinet: the choice of family seeking

You have succeed in business and you have acquired a certain wealth.
Do you have the time to run your personal money or legal issues like you do in your business life ?
Are you sure that the reporting of your assets allocation is accurate ?

If you need:

  • An advisor that understands your goals and can creatively solve problems.
  • An expert that send you timely consolidated analyses organized to support financial decisions.
  • An objective professional advice about what will best fit into optimized asset allocations and estate plans.
  • A coordinator of the activities of all other advisors. The best legal or financial advice may be useless if it is received in a vacuum or misaligned with your goals or financial strategy.
  • A trust person that observe the full picture and that can highlight risks

If you are seeking a team with the financial expertise objectivity and administrative skills to relieve you of the some of the myriad tasks associated with managing your wealth Bethel Finance Family Office Services is the right firm.

Your financial reports delivered in a simple easy to understand format organized around your personal goals can make your time more productive.

Here what we will do for you and your family :

• Family projects
• Strategic asset allocation
• Overall risk management
Operational advice Legal and tax planning
• Over-all and detailed consolidation of assets
• Gathering classifying and dealing with administrative and financial documents
• Real estate investments
• Advising the family
Family governance
• Training and helping beneficiaries Foundations and Philanthropy
Yacht registration

We believe that our clients are attracted to Bethel Finance because we are capable honest ethical and straight forward. We think straight, talk straight and provide exceptional client service while maximizing client value.

We have a strong pedigree of providing discreet comprehensive solutions for prosperous individuals.


Ready to look at your finances in a new way?

Our life may be complex but your finances can be organized and simplified.

For the high net worth individuals and families who turn to Bethel Finance whether they are successful entrepreneurs or well-established individuals managing the financial ramifications of life events one thing remains constant:

They are busy people who need timely access to accurate information and unbiased advice to help them achieve their goals.

As your advisor we will listen help you define a strategic plan objectively implement it and then measure results as they relate to your goals.

As part of this process much like a personal CFO we can coordinate the activities of your other professional advisors so that their counsel is aligned with your strategies and life goals.