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Why set up an offshore company in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica may seem at first glance to be an exotic destination. Located in the geographical center of the Americas, Costa Rica borders with Nicaragua to the Northwest and Panama to the south, and is bordered on the south by the Pacific Ocean and north by the Caribbean Sea.

The Costa Rican population is about 4.2 million, its constitution guarantees private property.

In recent years successful efforts have been made to introduce new export services and expand incoming tourism.

Costa Rica is a member in the World Trade Organization. The government has developed incentives for companies operating under the Free Trade Zone regulations, and other export programs.

Some major international companies have set up their Central American headquarters in Costa Rica, among them DHL. Intel has set up a very large production facility in that country.

There are reasons for this, a Free Trade Zone, stable political and financial jurisdiction and business incentives make this a very attractive destination. Add the discretion and no taxes on an offshore entity, and you have the ideal location to incorporate your company.

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Advice and assistance in setting up an offshore company in Costa Rica:

Set up an offshore company in Costa Rica is ideal for:

Main characteristics and approach for the an offshore company set up in Costa Rica:

Company Type S.A or SRL.
Corporate legislation Companies in Costa Rica are regulated under the Commercial Code of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica National Registry is the governing authority.
Commercial Code, Law No. 3284, passed on September 19, 1964, and its subsequent amendments.
Information published relating to company officers The names of company officers appear on public record. Nominee officers can be used to avoid the client’s name to appear. The name of shareholders do not appear.
Accounting requirement Annual Tax Filing must be presented each year to the administration even if the corporation has no income.
Taxation No taxes should be paid if no income is generated in Costa Rica. The authorities have begun negotiations with several countries to avoid the double taxation of income. By 2009 Double Taxation
Agreements had been signed but not yet ratified with Spain, Germany and Romania. Negotiations are in progress with Israel South Korea, Switzerland and Canada.
Time to form Costa Rica has a fast and efficient registry.
Standard Currency Costa Rican Colon (¢)
Stability Stable jurisdiction with very good reputation
Communication Efficient communication means
Time zone Convenient world time zone  GMT-6
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement Minimum capital requirement 20 usd
Basis of legal System Under Civil Law
Minimum shareholders / directors For the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada S.R.L. (limited liability) the company can be administered by only one person in the position of Manager and Representative. Costa Rican companies are required to appoint a minimum of three officers (president, secretary and treasurer) who may also be the directors, and may or may not have Costa Rican citizenship.
The minimum initial number of shareholders (subscribers) at the time of incorporation is two; thereafter a single shareholder is permitted which may be an individual or body corporate.
Bearer shares Bearer Shares are not permitted

Tax treaties that will help determine if setting up an offshore company in Costa Rica is a perfect choice for you:

Costa Rica has bilateral investment treaties already in effect with Canada, Chile, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan, Korea, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Additionally, there are bilateral investment treaties signed but not yet ratified with Bolivia, Ecuador, Belgium-Luxembourg and Finland.

The bilateral investment treaty with Poland is pending signature and the bilateral investment treaties with the following countries are under negotiation:

Austria, Barbados, Brazil, Denmark, United States of America, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Italy, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Uruguay.

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