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Malta Company Formation

Incorporating a company in Malta is ideal for:

The Maltese government has set a target of 2015 for the jurisdiction to become one of the most important financial centres in the region. Malta will be the perfect place to set up your European Forex or Binary options activities. 

Main characteristics of Maltese company:

Company Type: Company limited by shares
Company Law: Companies Act of 1995
Information published on officers: The names of officers appear in the public register. To prevent the client’s name from appearing, it is possible to use a designated director and/or shareholder
Accounting requirements: Financial statements are required. The company must have an auditor and a registered office.
Currency: Euro
Taxation Lowest tax in Europe (5/15%). If the company is a Holding Company, dividends are not taxable. There is no withholding tax on dividends paid to non residents.
Time to form 7-10 days
Stability Stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation
Communication Excellent
Time zone GMT + 1
Secretary required No
Capital required: 240 Euros paid at incorporation
Basis of legal System Common Law
Minimum shareholders / directors One director/shareholder
Bearer shares Bearer shares are not permitted for a company in Malta

TAX treaties signed

Malta has entered into 60 double-tax treaties (unusually for a low-tax jurisdiction), with 6 pending. 

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