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Creating a solid foundation

Information, confidence, best practices, these are keywords for family businesses.

Charters, family councils… are the solutions we can offer.

Governance reorganization

Administration of a family’s wealth has consequences far beyond the family itself, it affects the business and the shareholders.

Bethel Finance understands that a long term relationship will build confidence, by offering its expertise in capital and finance.

We will offer you the best available tools for wealth management and protection of your assets.

We will be your allies so that your wealth will leave its imprint over time.

Has your name been attached to a charity?

Imagine your great grand children saying “my great grand father started this foundation in 2010 and the needy still receive benefits and assistance”.

How is this possible?

The capital we will invest for you in your charity will have clear by laws on how the assets will be managed and how profits will be allocated over decades to come.

Even without your presence, the foundation’s assets will continue to grow and the charities you have helped support will continue to benefit from this initial plan.

Philanthropic Advisory

Bethel Finance will help your family plan and develop its philanthropic projects, (sponsorships, foundations, etc.).
We will design a total plan, by defining your initial goals, we will assist in implementation of strategies, and take into consideration the tax ramifications for your family’s assets.

Bethel Finance will be at your and your family’s side throughout. We know what you want and we will ensure that nothing hinders your plans.

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