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You have dreamed of Aliyah and the news is there to constantly remind you that there is only one place where you are at home. So far though, Israel has only been a tourist destination for you. Living here and paying bills is an altogether different reality.

You have heard many experiences, and ultimately you are not reassured.

Let us look at things from a different angle: While you are at ease in the country, and you love the scenery, you would like to be treated fairly.

Your choice should be contacting Bethel Finance to help you plan the transition an avoid unpleasant surprises.

Firstly, consider the tax advantages of your immigration: New tax laws affecting Olim and returning Israelis.

New immigrants are exempt for ten years from taxes on foreign assets and on income earned abroad including salaries and foreign income on interest, dividends, royalties and rental income. For returning Israelis the exemptions applies for a period of 5 years.

This provision applies to all new immigrants  who arrived in Israel from January 1, 2007.

The ten year exemption is also granted for capital gains on sale of assets outside Israel if the asset was acquired before immigration or return to Israel and sometimes even  after the date of arrival.

Even if the asset is sold after ten years, tax would not be imposed retroactively but only from the end of the ten year period, and in a proportional manner.

Tax measures on foreign corporations managed and controlled by new immigrants and returning Israelis.

Foreign companies controlled by new immigrants and returning residents will not be considered residents for tax purposes, by the fact that they are controlled by a new resident. This will ensure tax exempt income for new residents for ten years from a foreign held company as long as that income is not created  in Israel.

The above are just some of the tax benefits approved, making Israel a desirable destination for those who want to settle here.

Why use Bethel Finance to plan for your Aliyah?

Moving to another country is a great challenge. After many years of work to reach a certain level of comfort, you want to avoid any risks when choosing to make aliyah.

You should contact us before you begin your application to make Aliyah. Our lawyers and accountants in your country will handle all the legal and fiscal issues for your imminent relocation.

We can offer unparalleled expertise: our local team, in collaboration with our Israeli tax lawyers and accountants, will plan a tax structure which would allow you to take advantage of the new Israeli tax law.

Here is a brief summary of our relocation services:

When you arrive, we pick you up at the airport, and handle everything for you.

Accommodation: We will assist you in determining an appropriate residential area for you, by looking a homes.

We will assist you in locating the best schools for your school age children.

One of our consultants will assist you in completing the necessary documentation for relocation.

You will receive financial advice as part of our Family Office.

When you think of Aliyah, think first of Bethel Finance.

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